Anshul Dhawan Co-Founder

Anshul Dhawan

Dhawan is a co-founder of Equally where they are creating a social network for kids in AR called DaVinci Club AR. He heads the product and technology for the platform that uses Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Social technologies to let kids learn from the world around them together.

Before that Anshul Dhawan spent 8 years at Zynga. On his last team he was the head of product on the growth team. He led a team product managers to understand the landscape of new emerging platforms for consumer internet across social networks, messaging apps, and social games. His team launched Words with Friends on FB Messenger and Apple’s iMessage as the first games on the platform.

Before that, Anshul was the lead product manager for the Central Technology Group at Zynga, where he helped the CTO make build vs buy decisions for technologies that enabled studios to access the cloud, analytics, machine learning, payments, and custom game technologies. He won the prestigious top employee of the company award for creating the new experimentation platform which became a core part of Zynga’s cental game technologies. [Patent]

He is also the director of hackathons at Zynga, fostering innovation and creativity across the company reporting directly to the CEO. He started his career working for 3 years as a senior software engineer after graduating from USC’s Computer Science Games program.


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