Dr. Evelyn Chan Pediatric Tech Executive and CEO

Dr. Evelyn Chan
Dr. Evelyn Chan is a Pediatric Tech Executive and CEO of Smileyscope. Dr Chan received her MD at Monash University, and her MPH and Masters of Medical Anthropology as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. She trained in pediatrics at The Royal Children’s Hospital, and worked in management consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. Dr Chan also holds postgraduate diplomas in Child Health and Professional Counseling.
Dr Chan lives her vision of transforming pediatric healthcare around the globe through innovative, patient-centric, focused healthcare interventions. Smileyscope uses VR to transform pediatric healthcare experiences, to reduce the trauma of healthcare and improve long-term health outcomes for children. Dr Chan leads a passionate team of physicians, nurses, researchers, and digital producers to create specifically designed VR content which is being adopted at a number of internationally-renowned hospitals.


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