Dr. Mina Johnson Founder and President
Embodied Games

Dr. Mina Johnson

Dr. Johnson-Glenberg is the Founder and President of the award-winning learning technology company, Embodied Games, LLC. The Tempe-based company creates, researches, and distributes innovative XR educational content for 4th graders through life-long learners. Dr. Johnson-Glenberg cut her teeth on the first computer-based system to help remediate dyslexia in primary school children. For the past decade, she been designing and producing educational games, as well as running experimental trials and assessing the effects of Virtual and Mixed Reality (XR) systems at Arizona State University on knowledge change.
She has a varied background as a screenwriter, experimental psychologist, and psychometrician and these disparate skills serve her well in leading a creative game design team dedicated to creating efficacious content. She presents both nationally and internationally and publishes in peer-review journals. The team has been at the forefront of creating “embodied” and active games using sensors and joint-tracking technologies. The majority of the games have been NSF grant-funded and can be downloaded for free at www.embodied-games.com.


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