Ewan Johnson Founder and CCO
Arcturus Studios

Ewan Johnson

Ewan Johnson leads the creative output of Arcturus, an XR studio he co-founded in 2016. He drives the creation of compelling and engaging experiences across all aspects of creation from story, through environmental design, staging and the new technology needed go get there.

Ewan applies his extensive experience as a digital cinematographer to the creation AR/VR worlds. Starting with Toy Story, he formed and designed Pixar’s cinematography department. He led creative on the cinematography for A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc., Toy Story 2 and a slew of other Pixar films. He joined Dreamworks Animation in a similar capacity for the Madagascar films, How to Train your Dragon, and others. Throughout his career he has been responsible for both creative design and pipeline development. Discovering a passion for an emerging format, Ewan focused on developing live action and CG virtual reality experiences resulting in projects for the Denver Broncos, NBC Universal, Bj√∂rk and most recently the volumetric video production of “In Someone Else’s Shoes” a piece designed explicitly to use new media for the purpose of social good.


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