Jeremy Kenisky VP of Creative, Merge VR
Emerging Technologies Chair, SIGGRAPH

Jeremy Kenisky

Jeremy Kenisky spent 13 years leading an award winning visual effects and post production company in the US focused on high end animation and VFX for broadcast television, film, and IMAX. Clients include National Geographic, Coca Cola, and P&G amongst others.

For the past 7 years, Kenisky has focused on building Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, pushing the limits of interactivity for agencies, institutions, theme parks, museums, science centers, zoos, and aquariums.

Zoo-AR is an education and technology company Jeremy founded in 2011 with the idea that we can positively change the way kids learn while also creating compassion for the living world around them.

In 2016, one of Jeremy’s companies was acquired by Merge VR, where he sits as Vice President of Creative, directing content development, outreach strategy, and helps influence new product design, among a variety of other technology and design related tasks. Jeremy’s team helped launch Merge’s latest award winning product, Merge Cube, which will be in stores this summer.

Jeremy brings a unique blend of art and creativity combined with science and technology to develop compelling products, tell engaging stories and bring delight to customers.


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