Peter Costa Conference Co-Chair
CEO and Founder
Baltu Studios

Peter Costa

Peter Costa the CEO and co-founder of Baltu Studios, an Arizona-based startup creating immersive applications accelerating learning, creativity, and empathy. His professional career started in the music industry as a performing artist on Immortal/RCA records. He spent time 3 years in Argentina living with locals, working and teaching English. He returned to the United States and studied at Arizona State University receiving degrees in both Physics and Music Composition. During his studies he was a biophysics research assistant publication in Physical Biology, as well as having his music featured in Primetime TV, film, theatre and video games.

Peter has been a featured speaker at the VR for Good summit 2017 in Washington D.C., CultureSummit 2018 in Abu Dhabi, and Phoenix Comic Fest. He is a member of the Creative Impact Board for the ASU art museum and is a co-organizer of the Phoenix VR For Good meetup. His interdisciplinary background in science, the arts, and business has provided Peter with cross-collaboration opportunities with industries and individuals from unique and various backgrounds.


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