Sam Mateosian CEO and Co-Founder
The Yarn Corporation

Sam Mateosian

Part designer, hacker, artist, and entrepreneur, Sam Mateosian is CEO and co-founder of The Yarn Corporation. Our mission is to empower more people and organizations, from big brands to nonprofits, to share their stories using immersive media. To that end, we’re building a next-generation platform for creating and publishing interactive VR video content called Driftspace ( ).

We’ve published interactive VR video experiences on a wide range of topics including: Maine island and coastal communities, Somali refugees, kelp aquaculture, migrant farming, a major cellular service provider, and an organization supporting at-risk youth in India.

Previously, Sam was co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Big Room Studios, a creative technology company that provides digital product design, consulting, and software development services for cutting edge web and mobile applications.

He’s also the founder and co-organizer of Hack Portland, a group of hardware and software hackers, makers, and tinkerers working to change the world one roll of duct-tape and one line of code at a time.

Sam loves cooking, coffee, interactive art, and short walks around the neighborhood. You can find him encouraging people to upload themselves to the cloud at or on twitter as @semateos.


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